Science in the Media

Dr Alex Schnell is an accomplished researcher with expertise in marine biology, animal behaviour, animal intelligence, and conservation in both terrestrial and aquatic species ranging from elephants to octopuses. She has a passion for, and relevant experience with, working in teams to create animal behaviour content for target audiences through wildlife documentaries, podcasts, and articles in popular science magazines. Use the navigation below to explore a selection of Alex's media projects.


Just how smart is a cephalopod?

Natural History Unit


British nature documentary series featuring the life of mammals.

A Grown-Up Guide to the Oceans

A new s​ix-part series that takes the listener on an oceanic journey from the beginning of life to the present day.

Natural History  Unit


Planet Earth III, the third in a trilogy, is a brand-new series for 2023 – set to be the most ambitious natural history landmark ever undertaken by the BBC.

CrowdScience BBC World Service

Do animals have consciousness? Researchers peer inside the minds of cats, pigs and cuttlefish in the latest CrowdScience podcast.

Current Biology Magazine

"Cephalopod Cognition" an article that reveals the different levels of sociality and behaviours observed in cephalopods.

The Psychologist Magazine

This special "Tree of Life" edition features stories from psychologists that work with different species – animals, plants, and beyond.

Natural History Unit


Blue Planet II––a 2017 British nature documentary series featuring weird and wonderful marine life that live on our planet.

Hakai Magazine

"Cuttlefish Brawl" is a graphic novella presenting an underwater ‘soap opera’ drama, about the enigmatic lives of giant Australian cuttlefish.